„How did Grandpa get in that tiny urn?“

von Helene Düperthal (Autorin)

"How did Grandpa get in that tiny urn?"

How did Grandpa get in that tiny urn?
With the help of a carefully crafted story, the difficult subjects of cremation and burial are presented in a way that children can understand. The story does not focus on the sadness of the situation but is sensitive and hopeful whilst remaining realistic and being open and honest about everything, which is just what children need. An appendix contains useful information for parents and teachers dealing with children affected by bereavement.

Autorin: Helene Düperthal/Illustratorin: Daniela Veit
Übersetzung: Dorothy Schaps
 Recommended for children aged 4–8 years old
Format: Hardcover/72 Seiten
ISBN: 978-3-945262-01-6/Verlag: Lebensweichen-Verlag

Tim is sad. His Grandpa has died and on Saturday there’s going to be an ‘inurnment ceremony’. But what’s an inurnment ceremony? Nobody will explain anything to him. Tim feels helpless and lost. Until suddenly Leila the teddy appears. She takes him seriously and goes off in search of answers to Tim’s questions. She wants to know how an entire person can fit into such a tiny urn.

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